About DR Rudolf Tjandra

Rudolf is Executive Director/Chief Marketing Officer at Softex Indonesia (www.softexindonesia.com). Softex Indonesia is one of...

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Rudolf is Executive Director/Chief Marketing Officer with Softex Indonesia, one of the largest and fastest growing personal hygiene companies in East...

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Softex Indonesia

Softex Indonesia Is Proud To Deliver Products And Services That Enrich The Quality Of Life Of Modern Indonesian Family Throughout...

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Dealing With Rude People in Your Work

Across the globe, over half of employees don’t feel respected by their managers. And that lack of respect can have serious ramifications for workers’ performance: Those that do get respect report 92% greater focus and prioritization. That’s according to research by Christine Porath, Ph.D., a professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. In a […]

Pondering on Leadership capacities as Advocated by the U Theory

According to Otto Scharmer of MIT, the advocator of the follow-on version of U-Theory a value created by journeying through the “U” is to develop seven essential leadership capacities: 1.Holding the space: listen to what life calls you to do (listen to oneself, to others and make sure that there is space where people can […]

Core Competence

The Core Competence model of Hamel and Prahalad is a corporate strategy model that starts the strategy process by thinking about the core strengths of an organization. Inside-out Corporate Strategy The Outside-in approach (such as the Five Forces model from Porter) places the market, the competition, and the customer at the starting point of the […]

The Theory Constraint & Others

The Theory of Constraint was developed by one of the best management thinkers of our time. His books were always my favourites as I find them to be especially methodologically sound and practically relevant. Eliyahu Moshe Goldratt was an Israeli physicist who became a business management guru. He was the originator of the Optimized Production […]

Going east

Going East

The Final Cover and Title of the Book is Now Here! Coming up in October 2016: INDONESIA: Periplus, Kinokuniya, Gramedia Premium, TGA, Books & Beyond. SINGAPORE: Times, Kinokuniya, Select MALAYSIA: MPH, Kinokuniya, Times HONG KONG: Eslite, Kelly & Walsh, Bookazine, Page One UK/EUROPE: Star Books Distribution ONLINE : Amazon and other leading online book stores […]


Don’t dismiss dads as just the breadwinners

New research provides some of the most conclusive evidence to date of fathers’ importance to children’s outcomes. The study reinforces the idea that early childhood programs such as Head Start should focus on the whole family—both mothers and fathers. “There’s this whole idea that grew out of past research that dads really don’t have direct […]


About Rudolf Tjandra

Rudolf is an Executive Director and the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer with Softex Indonesia (www.softexindonesia.com) one of the largest and most successful personal hygiene companies in East Asia. Indeed, Softex Indonesia’s super-fast growth which began in 2004 has been widely regarded as one of the most successful corporate turnaround in Indonesia and is now […]

Softex Indonesia

Softex Indonesia – About

Mission: ENHANCING THE QUALITY OF LIFE Pioneering the production and marketing of sanitary napkin products in Indonesia, Softex came into being in the early 1970s. Since then we have grown into a leading consumer goods company in Indonesia and across the region of South East Asia. We are now proudly the owner of various market […]


SWA Article: Batas kepemimpinan

SWAOnline | January 23, 2015 “Ketika seorang pemimpin yang efektif menyelesaikan pekerjaannya, orang-orang mengatakan bahwa itu terjadi secara alami.” (Lao Tzu) Hari-hari terakhir pemimpin dan kepemimpinan menjadi salah satu isu yang paling penting di kehidupan kita. Kepemimpinan bangsa dengan Presiden baru Joko Widodo (Jokowi). Kepemimpinan DKI Jakarta dengan Gubernur baru Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok), kepemimpinan […]


Avoiding the Common Pitfalls of Marketing Implementation.

Having had the opportunity to dwell in some depth into the theory and practices of demand creation and brand building for some of the nation’s leading companies, I want to share a list of thoughts which in my opinion can help you to better improve the potential success of your marketing strategy. Before you do […]


Indonesian Market, Consumer Insight and Proven Strategy.

Like those in other emerging markets Indonesian consumers live in an environment in which institutions designed to protect their economic and political interest are still relatively immature. Civil society is yet to be deeply rooted and security (emotional, physical and communal) is usually not taken for granted. With this background, Indonesian consumers rely more on […]


Indiscriminate Sales Discounts: Eating up our future?

The year of 2015 will stay in our memory not only as the year when the Rupiah plunged to its lowest level in many years, when consumer confidence index showed how much our particularly optimist Indonesian were severely shaken by the economic slow-down but, to us within the consumer goods industry, it was also the […]