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Rudolf is Executive Director/Chief Marketing Officer at Softex Indonesia (www.softexindonesia.com). Softex Indonesia is one of...

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Rudolf is Executive Director/Chief Marketing Officer with Softex Indonesia, one of the largest and fastest growing personal hygiene companies in East...

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Softex Indonesia Is Proud To Deliver Products And Services That Enrich The Quality Of Life Of Modern Indonesian Family Throughout...

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The Growth Phases Model

The growth phases model of Larry E. Greiner suggests that organizations go through five stages of growth and need appropriate strategies and structures to cope. It is a descriptive framework that can be used to understand why certain management styles, organizational structures and coordination mechanisms work, and why some don’t work at certain phases in […]

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Strategies in the Luxury Goods Market

The luxury goods market pursues a strategy of differentiation. Through high quality products and exclusivity, this market targets high-end consumers who are willing to pay extra to own a product. Being able to price significantly over cost requires skilful marketing and branding, a high level of service and, in most cases, careful control of distribution […]

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Business Plan Guideline

1.0 Introduction & Mission Statement Many people find it easier to write the introduction last, as it should contain a brief statement on each of the following: •the essence of your business •your overall strategy •key actions or areas you plan to exploit •any major factors which will affect the plan You may wish to […]

Latest Book, Afterhours Publishing, September 2016.

Measuring corporate reputation by capturing the perceptions of stakeholder groups.

The Corporate Reputation Quotient of Harris-Fombrun is a comprehensive measuring method of corporate reputation that was created specifically to capture the perceptions of any corporate stakeholder group such as consumers, investors, employees, or key influencers. The instrument enables research on the drivers of a company’s reputation, and allows to compare reputations both within and across […]

Latest Book, Afterhours Publishing, September 2016.

The Peter Principle & Sensemaking

The Peter Principle much like its cousin the Parkinson’s Law is a concept in management theory is a case of ubiquitous observation: in a hierarchical/bureaucratic setting anything that works will be used in progressively more challenging applications until it fails. In an organizational structure, assessing an employee’s potential for a promotion is often based on […]

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How industries change.

For me, McGahan’s (2004) Trajectories of Industry Change provides one of the time tested explanation of the drivers of change in any given industry and thus stand as a sobering reminder for us scholar practitioners on the need to stay sensitive and vigilant in facing them. I fully concur with McGahan that we can’t make […]

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Outdated Management Beliefs That Undermine Great Potential.

Even if you can have an outstanding organizational culture on paper, it’s surprisingly easy for a few bad management practices to unravel it. Even in a company with an otherwise excellent work culture, poor management practices can have an undermining effect on all the hard work it took to build it. Let’s take a look […]

Latest Book, Afterhours Publishing, September 2016.

Scenario Planning and Corporate Strategy Formulation

Scenario Planning is a model that can be used to explore and learn the future in which a corporate strategy is formed. It works by describing a small number of scenarios, by creating stories how the future may unfold, and how this may affect an issue that confronts the corporation. Royal Dutch Shell, one of […]

Latest Book, Afterhours Publishing, September 2016.

Succeeding in Retail Business

Retail is defined as the selling of goods by businesses directly to the consumer. The consumers are people like you and me who go to these retail outlets to buy products for their day to day needs. Retail outlets could be small shopkeepers labeled by the like of Nielsen as ‘general trade’ or they could […]

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Don’t dismiss dads as just the breadwinners

New research provides some of the most conclusive evidence to date of fathers’ importance to children’s outcomes. The study reinforces the idea that early childhood programs such as Head Start should focus on the whole family—both mothers and fathers. “There’s this whole idea that grew out of past research that dads really don’t have direct […]


Dealing With Rude People in Your Workplace

Across the globe, over half of employees don’t feel respected by their managers. And that lack of respect can have serious ramifications for workers’ performance: Those that do get respect report 92% greater focus and prioritization. That’s according to research by Christine Porath, Ph.D., a professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. In a […]


How do organizations fit together?

1: Simple Structure (Entrepreneurial Startup): The simple structure is characterized, above all, by what is not elaborated. Typically, it has little or no technostructure, few support staffers, a loose division of labor, minimal differentiation among its units, and a small managerial hierarchy. Little of its behavior is formalized, and it makes minimal use of planning, […]