Journey To The Classical EAST

Adapting Thus, to understand a person, live with that person. To understand a particular family, live with the family; To understand a particular community, live with that community; To understand a particular nation, live with that nation; To understand the world, live with the world; How can one live with the world? By accepting it. […]

My Best of Thurow’s Advices

“Understanding, recognizing, and accepting the limit imposed by their genetic weaknesses is the beginning of wisdom for all organizations.  The secret of success is finding places to employs one’s resources where those weaknesses are irrelevant” (Lester Thurow, Creating Wealth, The New Rules For Individuals, Companies and Countries In A Knowledge-Based Economy, Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2000, […]

Sales dan Marketing – Beda Fungsi, Beda Objectives

  Salah Paham Fungsi Sales dan Marketing Salah pengertian akan fungsi sales dan marketing di Indonesia masilah terlihat jelas di berbagai perusahaan dan diantara kalangan praktisi bisnis. Hal ini patut disayangkan karena tanpa adanya pengertian yang benar akanlah sulit untuk mengoptimalisasikan kedua fungsi tersebut. Marketing sendiri menurut Kotler adalah salah satu fungsi yang paling banyak […]


A Selected Excerpt of a Dialogue on Asia Between the late Peter Drucker and Isao Nakauchi (The full version is available on a hard paper printed edition entitled “Drucker on Asia: A Dialogue Between Peter Drucker and Isao Nakauchi, Butterworth Heinemann, 1997) The Secrets of Chinese Management Unless there is a collapse in China, it […]

Amitofo’s Pedoman Hidup

NAMO AMITABHA ! AMITABHA ! EMPAT BELAS PEDOMAN HIDUP MANUSIA . 1 . Musuh terutama manusia adalah dirinya sendiri . 2 . Kegagalan terutama manusia adalah kesombongan . 3 . Kebodohan terutama manusia adalah sifat menipu . 4 . Kesedihan terutama manusia adalah iri hati . 5 . Kesalahan terutama manusia adalah mencampakan dirinya . […]