Critical Reflexive Practice For Effective Leadership

When we think about leaders, we think about them active, visible, communicating all the time, inspiring people, being present. But it’s not quite so simple as that. We also highly value their quietness and stillness. Take this as an example. Here’s a picture of the great war hero, Navy man, Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson. Here […]

Five Phases of New Product Development

Five Phases of New Product Development: The      New Product Idea Or New Products Inventions: Often a result of brainstorming. Sometimes a result of customer or supplier feedback. Sometimes brand new and innovative; sometimes an extension an existing product or product line; sometimes it can be a minor change that results in a repositioning. If […]

Dimensions of marketing effectiveness

Corporate – Each company operates within different bounds. These are determined by their size, their budget and their ability to make organizational change. Within these bounds marketers operate along the five factors described below. Competitive – Each company in a category operates within a similar framework as described below. In an ideal world, marketers would […]

Creating The Best Company On Earth

By Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones •Building a Company Everyone Loves Suppose you want to design the best company on earth to work for. What would it be like? For three years we’ve been investigating this question by asking hundreds of executives in surveys and in seminars all over the world to describe their ideal […]

Managing Brands

One of the challenges in managing brands is the many changes that occur in the marketing environment. The marketing environment evolves and changes, often in very significant ways. Shifts in consumer behaviour, competitive strategies, government regulations, and other aspects of the marketing environment can profoundly affect the fortunes of a brand. Besides these external forces, […]

Brand Familiarity

A crucial communication task for unknown brands is to build the knowledge in consumers’ minds necessary to become established. However, communication effectiveness may depend on prior familiarity of the advertised brand. The findings of two experiments using television ads and computer Internet ads revealed that brand familiarity influenced repetition effectiveness. In particular, repetition of advertising […]

Triple Bottom Line – A Source of Competitive Advantage for Modern Corporations

The notion of “Triple Bottom Line” (3BL) accounting has become increasingly fashionable in management, consulting, investing, and NGO circles over the last few years. The idea behind the 3BL paradigm is that a corporation’s ultimate success or health can and should be measured not just by the traditional financial bottom line, but also by its […]

Marketing Mix – The Other Angle

What is the Marketing Mix? Description The Marketing Mix model (also known as the 4 P’s) can be used by marketers as a tool to assist in defining the marketing strategy. Marketing managers use this method to attempt to generate the optimal response in the target market by blending 4 (or 5, or 7) variables […]

The CPFR Process Model of Demand Forecasting

CPFR (Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment) process model (Seifert, 2002). The CPFR process model contains nine steps (VICS, 1998): (1) Develop front-end agreement: the parties involved establish the guidelines and rules for the collaborative relationship. (2) Create joint business plan: the parties involved create a business plan that takes into account their individual corporate strategies and […]

Can We Take ‘Work-Group’ Seriously?

In a provocative article titled “Suppose we took groups seriously.” Leavitt (1975) raises the possibility that it might be better to design and manage organizations using groups rather than individuals as the basic building blocks. Among the advantages Leavitt sees as possible from such an approach are the following: — Groups seem to be good […]