Action Science Management 2

Cross-Functional Relationships What happens in the “white space” between roles on the Org Chart? The focus of many of the current management models are either on the individual or the manager-subordinate relationship.  Because Requisite Organization focuses on the design of the managerial system as a whole, requisite principles not only address the vertical managerial relationships, […]

Action Science Based Management 1

Managerial Leadership Practices Accountable managerial leadership ensures that the right person is in the right role and is doing the right work … cascading from the top of the organization right down to the delivery of services to your customers … The backbone of effective, innovative working toward the achievement of results is found in […]

Strategic Management Classified

Explanation of the Ten Schools of Thought of Mintzberg. (’98) What are the Ten Schools of Thought? The Ten Schools of Thought model from Mintzberg is a framework that can be used to categorize the field of Strategic Management. 1.The Design School. This school sees strategy formation as a process of conception. ◦Approach: Clear and […]

Predicting Your Leadership Capacity

Leadership Quality Predictor 1. Consideration. Behaviour projecting the assurance of dependability typical in close friendship and is based on mutual trust, respect, and warmth. 2. Initiating structure. Behaviour that organizes and defines relationships or roles, and establishes well-defined patterns of organization, channels of communication, and ways of getting jobs done. 3. Production emphasis. Behaviour which […]

Biaya Pendidikan Di Sejumlah Negara Maju

Lembaga jasa keuangan dan perbankan asal Hong Kong merilis laporan yang menyebutkan Australia dengan kwalitas pendidikan yang umumnya lebih rendah dibandingkan negara maju Eropa dan America Serikat  lainnya justru merupakan negara paling mahal bagi para siswa internasional yang ingin tinggal dan belajar di sana. Biaya hidup dan belajar di negara tersebut mencapai US$ 38.516 (Rp […]

Britain’s Ivy Leagues Universities

Britain’s Ivy Leagues Universities (Russell Research World top 1 %   Universities) in alphabetical order Birmingham Bristol Cardiff Cambridge Durham Edinburgh Glasgow Imperial Kings Leeds Liverpool LSE Manchester Nottingham Sheffield UCL Oxford Warwick