Cardiff University Honoured

Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Riordan has been awarded a Honorary Professorship by Peking University in China. Peking University is the top University in China and one of the premier universities in the world. It is ranked within the top 50 world-leading universities and Peking’s Health Science Centre is ranked a leader in medical education, research and […]

Reinkarnasi Brand

Found at Masih inget dengan Pembalut Wanita Softex,dalam bungkus plastik hijau tua dengan wanita dan sekuntum bunga yah…itulah Softex yang telah berumur 30 tahun……PT Softex Indonesia (SI) telah membuktikannya,perusahaan yang mulai memproduksi pembalut wanita (sanitary napkin) pada 1973 itu, pada era 80-an telah merajai pasar pembalut di Indonesia.Tapi pada era 90an produk tersebut mulai […]

Break Your Addiction To meeting

by Elizabeth Grace Saunders | 10:00 AM February 26, 2013 Source: Manager, noun. Textbook Definition: An individual who is in charge of a certain group of tasks, or a certain subset of a company. A manager often has a staff of people who report to him or her. Modern Translation: An individual who races […]

Appreciative Inquiry for Organisational Success

What is Appreciative Inquiry? The following practice-oriented definition of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is provided by David L. Cooperrider: Appreciative Inquiry is about the coevolutionary search for the best in people, their organizations, and the relevant world around them. In its broadest focus, it involves systematic discovery of what gives “life” to a living system when […]

Depreciation Basic

The use of depreciation affects a company’s Book Value, and, in most countries, its taxes. Assets Held For Sale are no longer subject to regular depreciation A number of depreciation techniques exist, such as: • Straight-line Depreciation. The simplest and most often used technique, in which the company estimates the “salvage value” of the asset […]

Brand Personality – J. Aaker’s Version

The Brand Personality Dimensions of Jennifer Aaker (Journal of Marketing Research) is a framework to describe and measure the ‘personality” of a brand in five core dimensions, each divided into a set of facets. It is a model to describe the profile of a brand by using an analogy with a human being. The five […]

Attributes of Management Excellence

The Eight Attributes of Management Excellence of Tom Peters and Bob Waterman were described in their management book: “In Search of Excellence”. The research and theorizing of the book was based on the McKinsey 7-S model. Eight Attributes of Management Excellence 1.A Bias for Action. 2.Close to the Customer. 3.Autonomy and Entrepreneurship. 4.Productivity through People. […]

Leadership by Arriana Huffington

To paraphrase Einstein, you can’t solve a problem using the same type of thinking that created it. When you consider this bit of wisdom alongside the scale of the problems we’re facing around the world, it’s clear that our current model of leadership sorely needs a refresh. Everywhere we look, we see leaders with high […]

The Shifting of Global Landscape

Urban world: The shifting global business landscape October 2013| byRichard Dobbs, Jaana Remes, Sven Smit, James Manyika, Jonathan Woetzel, and Yaw Agyenim-Boateng Emerging markets are changing where and how the world does business. For the last three decades, they have been a source of low-cost but increasingly skilled labor. Their fast-growing cities are filled with […]

Bridging Epistemologies

What is the Bridging Epistemologies framework? Description S.D.N. Cook and J.S. Brown argue that much current work on organizational       knowledge, intellectual capital, knowledge-creating organizations, knowledge       work and the like is based on a single, traditional understanding of the  nature       of knowledge. In this “epistemology of possession,”  knowledge is treated       like something which people possess. Yet, […]