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Assessing the Effectiveness of Consumer Promotions

Which promotions will have their intended effects on consumers, and which will backfire? Recent research demonstrates that consumer perceptions are quite malleable and that even seemingly small changes to the framing of a promotion can impact consumers’ interest. Four recent papers from the Journal of Marketing Research reveal framing effects on consumer promotions. In “Killing […]


Cult & Marketing

Forget about screaming fans, today’s teens are fawning over their favourite books, films and bands as a powerful online collective. TM explores how marketers can tap into these cults world As hormones surge and bodies change, teenagers battle their way through tumultuous times. Amid the awkwardness and uncertainty, many youngsters take solace in their favourite […]

Strategic Planning For the Real World

If you think about it, we don’t know how many times we have heard well trained professional executives like ourselves talking proudly and endlessly about how smart we are for ‘having a plan’, strategic planning, and/or acting on a plan. Yet, how many of those plans actually worked? How much of our implemented strategies are […]