Buy Value Not Products: Quality is Perceived

In this time of economic slowdown and declining consumer confidence and demand perhaps the one dilemma that companies in the fast moving consumer businesses should deal with is the dilemma between the product and market. If you talk to managers and entrepreneurs in these businesses you will see that many of them are very focused […]


Strategi Sweety Tumbuhkan Market Share dan Perkuat Positioning

Persaingan di pasar popok bayi (baby diapers) makin menguat. Hal itu ditandai dengan makin agresifnya para pemain raksasa yang merangsek pasar guna menggenjot penetrasi pasar popok bayi di Tanah Air. Sebut saja, PT Softex Indonesia sebagai sang pionir, KAO, hingga P&G makin menunjukkan “taring” strateginya. Peluncuran produk Sweety FitPantz DryActive Softex pun tak ketinggalan membesarkan […]

Marketing To Emerging East Asian Consumers

Not-with-standing the current economic slowdown, the relatively rapid growth of East Asian nations will continue.  Asia’s stellar economic growth has created a burgeoning consumer market which will see 3.2 billion people in the middle-class segment by 2030, up from 525 million in 2009. Asia will account for more than 80 per cent of the growth […]