The Russell Group Universities

What is The Russell Group? The Russell Group is a term you may have heard your school teachers or friends talk about, or mentioned on websites while narrowing down your university choices. However you’ve come across it, you may be wondering exactly what this Russell Group is all about and why it’s special. The Russell […]

Concept image of Sales & Marketing on a signpost against a modern glass office building.

Sales and Marketing Consumer Goods

Sales and marketing in consumer goods companies are closely intertwined. As such it sometimes becomes hard to realise the difference between the two. In fact there are still many organisations which remain in the dark of the distinction between the two. So how is sales and marketing different? In very simple words, marketing has the […]

Brand Strategy

Let Your Brands Stand Out

East Asia is changing. Consumer demands are changing – rapidly and unforgivingly. In the new economy, where media consumption is becoming increasingly fragmented and consumers are being bombarded daily by information, the role of marketing has never been more complex. If you don’t have a great marketing, no amount of product functionality or product design […]


4 Steps to Effective Leadership in Emerging Markets

If we are taught to learn from case studies of past successes, is it any surprise that leaders look into the rear-view mirror to find their future leaders? This approach may have worked before but has become the modern-day Maginot line of leadership. This condition is especially severe within the emerging world where I operate. […]

Brand Strategy

Five brand success factors

An efficient and scalable business model combined with innovation is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. But individually these are not sufficient to make a successful global brand. Five further overlapping components are required: 1. A great brand experience Brand experience is not limited to the product or service. Every contact with the brand […]


5 Steps to the Indonesian Market

Entering an overseas market can be costly – and risky. Here are five tips to help you market Indonesia is ASEAN’s largest consumer market. Not-with-standing the present economic slowdown Indonesia’s economy has been growing steadily, resulting in the concomitant rising of the proportion of its middle-class population. Numerous sources indicates that the middle class now […]