Action Science Management 2

Action Science Management 2

Cross-Functional Relationships

What happens in the “white space” between roles on the Org Chart?

The focus of many of the current management models are either on the individual or the manager-subordinate relationship.  Because Requisite Organization focuses on the design of the managerial system as a whole, requisite principles not only address the vertical managerial relationships, but also the lateral or cross-functional task initiating role relationships (TIRRs) as well.

A cross-functional task initiating role relationship (TIRR) is a specified connection between roles in different functions, delineated by well-articulated accountabilities and authorities to ensure the integration of work across the whole organization.

Jaques identified seven cross-functional task initiating role relationships (TIRRs) which are sufficient to produce this cross-functional integration in any organization of any size, in any industry, anywhere in the world.



Role Relationships: The accountability and the authority obtaining between any two roles in a social system. The seven cross-functional task initiating role relationships are: collateral, advisory, service-getting, monitoring, coordinative, auditing, and prescribing.
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