Attributes of Management Excellence

Attributes of Management Excellence
The Eight Attributes of Management Excellence of Tom Peters and Bob Waterman were described in their management book: “In Search of Excellence”. The research and theorizing of the book was based on the McKinsey 7-S model.

Eight Attributes of Management Excellence

1.A Bias for Action.

2.Close to the Customer.

3.Autonomy and Entrepreneurship.

4.Productivity through People.

5.Hands-on, Value-driven.

6.Stick to the Knitting.

7.Simple Form, Lean Staff.

8.Simultaneous loose-tight Properties.

The last attribute (Simultaneous loose-tight Properties) is a summary of the other 7, according to Peters and Waterman. “Simultaneous loose-tight properties is in essence the coexistence of the central direction and maximum individual autonomy of a company… Organizations that live by the loose-tight principle are on the one hand rigidly controlled. Yet at the same time they allow (indeed, insist on): autonomy, entrepreneurship, and innovation from the rank and file”.

Peters said in a 2001 interview that a ninth item should be added to the list:

9.Capabilities concerning ideas, liberation, and speed.

Book: Tom Peters and Bob Waterman – In Search of Excellence –




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