Praises for Going East. pre order with publisher :

The Book has entered its mass production phase and will be available in store and online at end of September 2016. The book will also be included in the October 2016’s Frankfurt Bookfair. Thank you Afterhours publication for the great work! pre order with publisher : Available in your favourite book stores starting October […]


The Peter Principle & Sensemaking

The Peter Principle much like its cousin the Parkinson’s Law is a concept in management theory is a case of ubiquitous observation: in a hierarchical/bureaucratic setting anything that works will be used in progressively more challenging applications until it fails. In an organizational structure, assessing an employee’s potential for a promotion is often based on […]

Going east

Going East

The Final Cover and Title of the Book is Now Here! Coming up in October 2016: INDONESIA: Periplus, Kinokuniya, Gramedia Premium, TGA, Books & Beyond. SINGAPORE: Times, Kinokuniya, Select MALAYSIA: MPH, Kinokuniya, Times HONG KONG: Eslite, Kelly & Walsh, Bookazine, Page One UK/EUROPE: Star Books Distribution ONLINE : Amazon and other leading online book stores […]

Sweety Gold

Patok Pertumbuhan 35% di Tahun 2016, Softex Luncurkan Sweety Gold

Tahun 2015, industri diapers nasional masih tercatat bertumbuh 20%, meskipun pada kuartal dua (Q2) 2015 industri diapers sempat turun. Tahun depan, 2016, industrinya diprediksi masih akan bertumbuh sekitar 18-20%. Di tengah tantangan ekonomi dan daya beli konsumen yang masih belum stabil, Sweety—brand diapers milik PT Softex Indonesia—justru mampu tumbuh di atas industri. Tahun 2015 misalnya, […]

Five Phases of New Product Development

Five Phases of New Product Development: The      New Product Idea Or New Products Inventions: Often a result of brainstorming. Sometimes a result of customer or supplier feedback. Sometimes brand new and innovative; sometimes an extension an existing product or product line; sometimes it can be a minor change that results in a repositioning. If […]

The Ways Companies Create Value?

How do companies create value? Economic theory predicts what every manager knows – it’s hard to make a profit let alone sustain margins over time. Success attracts competitors who imitate your strategy and woo your customers. Important clients demand price reductions while suppliers push for price increases. Substitute products or services threaten to render your […]