East and West


Differences   in Western and Eastern approaches to business
Variable Western : Short Term (Now) Eastern : Long Term (Future)
Strategy Leading to allocation of resources today leading to positioning the firm for the future
Management philsophy Management by objective Management by mainset
Decision making Fast to decide, longer to sell and implement Slow to decide, quick to implement
Accountability Personalised dan focused on “I” Shared and focused on “we”
Work Linear and focused on the task at hand Cyclical and focused on context in
which work is done
Career orientation Generalist Specialist
Rewards High pay gap between senior executives Lower pay gap between senior executives
and lower employees; pay often based on and lower employees; pay ofte based on
performance tenure and position
Leadership philosophy Hands-on, walking ahead of people: Hands-off, walking behind people: ” In
“Leadership is done from in front. Never ask order to guide people, the leader must put
others to do what you, if challenged, would himself behind them. Thus, when he is
not be willing to do yourselt.” (Xenophon) ahead, they feel no hurt.” ( Lao Tzu)
Philosophical schools Christianity Buddhism, confucianism, Hinduism,
Integral Yoga, Islam, Taoism, Zen
Relationship based Contractual Obligation



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