Brand Strategy

Let Your Brands Stand Out

East Asia is changing. Consumer demands are changing – rapidly and unforgivingly. In the new economy, where media consumption is becoming increasingly fragmented and consumers are being bombarded daily by information, the role of marketing has never been more complex. If you don’t have a great marketing, no amount of product functionality or product design is going to get you to the share of mind, heart and wallet you want from your potential consumers coming back after a bad experience. Of course you need to offer real value, acceptable quality products and reliable service but more importantly you need to differentiate your offering from the competition. Real product differentiation is difficult to achieve and when achieved difficult to own. To have that unique appeal you need to be able to creatively offer the consumer a total package that goes beyond the mundane appeal of functionalities. This leads us to some serious conceptual analysis and practical planning and intent that any consumer goods company need to be very fluent at. As a start you can begin by reflecting on these questions:

• What does my consumer value? Is my brand’s story credible and relevant?
• How much should I invest in marketing, and in what media and channels?
• Does my marketing operating model support different consumer touchpoints?
• Am I gathering the right data and using the right analytics?
• How can I design and deliver a branded consumer experience with positive lingering effect?

In the end it end (or in fact the beginning) you must remember that brand building is a journey without a final resting place. Strong brands are always about consistency!

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