Sales and Marketing Working in Harmony

Improving theconnections between marketing and sales

Linking up . . .

Across a rather broad spectrum of practice, the teams who are exhibiting the most effective practice, and the best results, displayed clear defining elements of “linkage”. Although these

linkages have different “texture” across firms, them they seem to fall into three “clusters”:

1 Linkages in language. Firms with stronger linkage paid

attention to creating a common business language, and

not falling prey to certain “problem words”.

Misunderstandings around certain key words seem to

indicate deeper problems in understanding how marketing

and sales might better work together.

2 Linkages of organization. In firms claiming strong practice,

the marketing and sales functions were carefully knit

together organizationally by design. Not siloed in separate

functions, or isolated from one another. The

organizational structure itself created ongoing discussion

between marketing and sales people.

3 Linkages of process. Finally, firms who seem to be on the

“high-end” in terms of their perceived efficacy of their

marketing and sales force, could point to well-defined

processes – and process “artifacts” – that linked

marketing and sales together with appropriate rules,

responsibilities, and a minimum of “hand-offs”.

Taken from the work of Ralph A. Oliva: The Key Three Linkages, The Institute for the Study of Business Markets, Smeal College of Business, Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing

21/6 (2006) 395–398. Emerald Group Publishing Limited

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