Setting and Manging Expectations


The key component of setting expectations:

  1. Key Result Area
  2. Objectives
  3. Behaviours
  4. Tracking/Monitoring

Key Result Areas

Before individual or team expectations can be written, people need to understand how their work fits into the overall goals of the organization. They need to know how their efforts can result in streamlined business processes, increased revenue, enlarge market share, reduced costs,  increased speed to market, effective innovations or greater customer satisfaction.  Jobs with meaningful and important outcomes exist within an organization to help accomplish these of overall goals. These significant outcomes  of people’s jobs are popularly known as the Key Result Areas (KRAs) or Key Performance Indicator (KPIs)

Objectives – The Whats

Once Key Result Areas have been identified, developing specific objectives is the next step. Objectives are what people need to accomplish within their established KRAs:

Key Result Areas                                         Objective

Widen Distribution                                      Increase sales revenue by 30 % in 2013

Create Effective Marketing Programme


Helping people identify specific objectives within their KRAs minimizes ambiguity and enables them to do their best work because they’re  focused on what’s mportant to the job and the organization. To increase clarity and focus, help people identify objectives  that meet the following criteria :

  • Simple
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time observed

Behaviors-The Hows

Remember your time at school ? While their destination,or objective, was clear to you, you needed to demonstrate certain behaviors to reach it  For instant:

  • You needed to think logically when when deciding on what supplies/books you need to be familiar with or learned by heart.
  • If studying away from home (overseas or other localities), you needed to be self -sufficient and independent
  • When working with others to collaborate when deciding on route, methods, and speed.

These specific behaviours can also called skills or competencies. Whatever word you use, the impact is th same. Behaviours describe how people achieve their objectives. For example

Team Objective                                               Behaviors

To recieve an above average                       1. Listening openly to customers satisfaction                                          2. Following up promptly

3. Empathizing with costumers

when problems occur


The Interaction Process

When people interact, they generally have two kinds of needs:

  •  Partical needs-to reach a productive outcome.
  • Personal needs-to be understood and involved.

The interaction process includes:

Five interaction guidelines- Open, Clarity, Develop, Agree, and Close- which provide the framework for the discussion.

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