The Russell Group Universities

What is The Russell Group?

The Russell Group is a term you may have heard your school teachers or friends talk about, or mentioned on websites while narrowing down your university choices.

However you’ve come across it, you may be wondering exactly what this Russell Group is all about and why it’s special.

The Russell Group is a collection of 24 British public universities that are committed to the highest standards of academic excellence in both teaching and research.

A majority of the members are world leading universities, making applications to these particular institutions more competitive.

Why is it called The Russell Group?

It’s actually named after the Russell Hotel in Russell Square, London – this is because the first informal meetings of the group took place here.

Why was it formed?

The members wanted to represent their collective interests to the government and other similar bodies. It has the following objectives:
•power the UK’s research progress
•increase income for its members
•recruit the best staff and students to its members
•reduce government intervention in order to create an environment where it can achieve these objectives
•find avenues of co-operation to exploit their collaborative advantage

Which universities are members of The Russell Group?

20 are from England, 2 from Scotland, 1 from Wales and 1 from Northern Ireland. The current members of the Russell Group are:
•University of Birmingham
•University of Bristol
•University of Cambridge
•Cardiff University
•University of Durham
•University of Edinburgh
•University of Exeter
•University of Glasgow
•Imperial College London
•King’s College London (University of London)
•University College London (University of London)
•University of Leeds
•University of Liverpool
•London School of Economics and Political Science (University of London)
•University of Manchester
•Newcastle University
•University of Nottingham
•University of Oxford
•Queen Mary, University of London
•Queen’s University Belfast
•University of Sheffield
•University of Southampton
•University of Warwick
•University of York

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