Nov 2016

Eksotis dan Uniknya Pasar Asia

Oleh. EDHY ARUMAN Redaktur Ekskutif _Mix-Marcomm_ dan Dosen STIKOM LSPR, Jakarta Melihat selintas judul dan warna sampul buku ini, sempat terlintas dalam pikiran buku itu membahas tentang pasar China. Sebab, bagaimanapun, China kini telah menjadi raksasa dunia yang mungkin telah mengambil posisi Amerika Serikat sebagai lokomotif bisnis dunia. Pertanyaan ...


Sep 2016

Basic Pricing Strategy

Determining the right price for products or services can be one of the most difficult tasks for any business owners. If prices are too low, you kill your chances of profit. But if they’re too high, you could alienate your customers. Either way, both scenarios can harm a business. ...


Sep 2016

Basic Market Research in FMCG Marketing

In broad terms marketing can be divided into two key challenges: The first – and most widely appreciated – is to ensure that consumers or end users want a firm’s product. This generally termed pull marketing. The second challenge is less broadly recognised, but often just as important. Push marketing ensures ...


Sep 2016

The Phase-Gate Model for Product Development

A phase–gate model, also referred to as a phase–gate process or a stage-gate process is a project management technique in which an initiative or project (e.g., new product development, process improvement, business change) is divided into stages or phases, separated by gates. At each gate, the ...


Sep 2016

How does advertising influence consumers?

Advertising is aimed. First of all, at making potential consumers aware of a product. Then, consumers should remember the brand as long and as positively as possible, so that it is foremost in their minds when the times comes to make a purchase. To achieve this, advertising messages are repeated ...


Aug 2016

The Growth Phases Model

The growth phases model of Larry E. Greiner suggests that organizations go through five stages of growth and need appropriate strategies and structures to cope. It is a descriptive framework that can be used to understand why certain management styles, organizational structures and coordination mechanisms work, and why some don'...


Aug 2016

Strategies in the Luxury Goods Market

The luxury goods market pursues a strategy of differentiation. Through high quality products and exclusivity, this market targets high-end consumers who are willing to pay extra to own a product. Being able to price significantly over cost requires skilful marketing and branding, a high level of service and, in ...


Aug 2016

Business Plan Guideline

1.0 Introduction & Mission Statement Many people find it easier to write the introduction last, as it should contain a brief statement on each of the following: •the essence of your business •your overall strategy •key actions or areas you plan to exploit •any major factors which will affect the ...