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By: admin 16 Sep 2016

The Book has entered its mass production phase and will be available in store and online at end of September 2016. The book will also be included in the October 2016's Frankfurt Bookfair.

Thank you Afterhours publication for the great work! pre order with publisher :

Available in your favourite book stores starting October 2016

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Sample Praises:

“Congratulation to Dr Rudolf Tjandra who has written such a profound book on Marketing from his perspective as s scholar-practitioner with over 25 years of solid experience in FMCG in Asia. This book provides fundamental thought from the author on “what matters most” to run a successful business and to build a strong brand in the context of ASEAN market. The competitive environment becomes much more complex today due to technological change and disruption in the digital era, market dynamic and turbulence as well as change of consumer behaviour and preference. Dr Rudolf internalised on those elements and translated his deep analysis & understanding into strategies how to create values and opportunities abound in this part of the world. I would recommend this book as a “must read” for every marketing professional in FMCG and other industries, business owners, those working in the field of management profession to broaden their perspective & source of best practice ideas. And for those in the management studies and academic world, Dr Rudolf has provided strong thought process and “research in action” in completing this book and thus making this read worthwhile and really an inspiring one!”

Phillips Gunawan, Chief Operating Officer, PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk

"A scholar practitioner's view: Management Par Excellence in the Far East by Dr. Rudolf Tjandra is great read. Packed with tightly argued points"

HRH Shaikh Fahad Bin Ahmed Alkhalifa, The Executive Office of the Kingdom of Bahrain

" A passionate book. I started to read your book and found it inspires me. It is easy understanding, factual and insightful on the region situation of marketing leadership, organization and culture. Rudolf Tjandra makes the compelling argument that how region market has changes. It is a must-read book to unlock the power of employees to build your brand reputation, productivity and profits"

Ani Pangestu, Executive Director of Human Resources, UOB Bank Indonesia.

“The most interesting book on the new Far Eastern business landscape that I have read in years. Combines keen on-the-field reflection with academic rigour. Congratulation Dr. Rudolf Tjandra.”

“Reading the book has been exciting journey that brought back the memories and experiences of my own journey as professional manager and a leader. It really is the connoisseur and soul of modern management applicable not only in the Far East. Eccellente! Salute my friend, Dr. Rudolf Tjandra”.

Fabio Brenna, Vice-President of Immobiliare Socrate Srl & Advisor of Frigofin Srl, Italy.

“Rudolf is an insider; he is one of the most successful marketeers - he combines theory and pragmatic execution. He shares his stories in digestible details, his philosophy on management. A must read for anyone interested in ASEAN consumer business”

Lily Surya, Consultant, Egon Zehnder International

“Dr. Rudolf Tjandra has decades of hands-on experience in successfully developing product value as outlined in this book. What is revealed here will be of immediate benefit to management practitioners and business leaders across industries including those in creative and media fields”

Rudy Hidayat, Chief Financial Officer, Koran Sindo, Indonesia

“A fascinating account of business and management in the Far East. As always, Dr. Rudolf Tjandra makes his case with fascinating eloquence”

Henny Susanto, Head of Stakeholder, Regional Relations & CSR at PT HM Sampoerna Tbk (A Member of the Phillip Morris Companies)

“This book offers many inside stories of how business is supposed to be done in the Far East. As a seasoned professional manager and leader I find much of what is written here resonates deeply with my own experience. I recommend this book to everyone with interest in the thriving Far Eastern Market”

Jaturon Zane Himathongkom, International Sports Marketing Director, Singha Beer, Boon Rawd Brewery, Thailand.

“I recommend this book to any Executive in the private or public sector. We live in an increasingly interconnected world, with industry boundaries continuously changing, customers becoming increasingly knowledgeable. Given these trends, this book shows how to break from the status quo, create a strategy that is dynamic and can be executive fast. The book is valuable to read as it offers insights and brings a fresh perspective to leadership.”

Francis Stevens George III, CEO, NorthFire Technology, Oslo, Norway; Advisor, Oslo Freedom Forum; Founder and President, Innovation Africa.

“This book delivers a timely current perspective and new thoughts on the now-topical ASEAN Economic Community and its implications to all business leaders”,

Dato Ahmad Faizal Jaafar, Partner/Senior Consultant at Xchanging Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.

“An irresistible page-turner of a series of careful thought into how business should be managed in the Far East. Indeed, a very worthy companion to any business leaders”,

Irzan Pulungan, President Director, PT Mahadana Dasha Utama - a subsidiary of the Tiara Marga Trakindo (TMT) Group.

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