Why Study in Britain

Excellent academics!

The UK is the second most popular choice for international students worldwide (second only to the United States). The quality of education in the UK is assessed by official bodies such as the Quality Assurance Agency, guaranteeing that institutes in the UK maintain the long-standing tradition of excellence in education. 90 % of UK universities stand among the world top 2 %. UK institutes are globally known for high quality. A degree from the UK is recognized worldwide, guaranteeing you a vast amount of possibilities upon graduation.

Lower costs for high values

Tuition costs in the UK are significantly lower than in the US and other countries. This is true for both European and non-European students. Since high expenses are among the top concerns for international students, you can put your mind at ease knowing this!

You can get amazing placements!

Studying in the UK will boost your profile by a lot! An international perspective is often just what employers are looking for, especially in big prestigious companies. Whether you’re going into business, engineering, medical science, or any other discipline- a UK degree will increase your chances of employment as well as your potential salary! You can work in the UK or go back home and find employment there. A UK degree will open doors worldwide. You’ll be able to expand your network of contacts and interact with many international employers. Studying in the United Kingdom will have an immediate impact on you placement and career perspectives.

It’s fun to study in the UK!

Universities and colleges in the UK offer a wide selection of courses and programs at many levels. You can choose from old-fashioned, traditional schools to modern, state-of-the-art institutes and anything in between. You can study in the big city or in the country-side, the choices are all yours! The UK has a tradition of making international students feel welcome, and through tutors, mentors, advisors and counselors you are sure to receive all the help and support you need. In addition, you may be entitled to free health care, which is a great benefit!

Multiculturalism and tolerance

The UK is well known for supporting a multicultural community. The UK is tolerant to all religions and to people from all over the world. As a matter of fact, the international student body in the UK contains students from China, India, Greece, Ireland, USA, Germany, France, Malaysia, Nigeria, Hong Kong, and many other nations from all over the world. Religious and cultural acceptance is highly important in the UK, so you can be assured you will not experience any discrimination.

English- the language of knowledge

English is recognized as the world’s most popular language, and is widely used all over the world. Getting an education in English will increase your employability and give you an active voice in global industries. Don’t forget, the UK is the country that invented English! From William Shakespeare to John Lennon, the mastery of the language has been a specialty of the United Kingdom, and studying here will ensure you will master this global language.

Financing your education is easy

Like many other international education destination, there are many scholarships and grants available for studying in the United Kingdom. Student loans are also available to help you finance your education. In addition, depending on your visa status, international students in the UK can work up to 20 hours a week! In addition, while school is out of term, you can work full-time.

An entire continent is a couple of hours away

The UK is a gateway to Europe! Though a small continent, Europe is diverse and fascinating. Take a weekend getaway to the warm beaches of France, the lovely historical cities of Italy, or the fashionable capitals of Rome, Paris, and Amsterdam. Europe is only 1-2 hours away by flight, and flights within the EU are fairly cheap, so visiting the entire continent is simple and enjoyable!

But why go far?

There’s beauty and history right here England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland offer a unique and rich history. No other country in the world was involved in so much events and conflicts throughout history, and the historical museums and numerous national monuments prove it. You can visit the Big Ben, the London Bridge, Stonehenge, London’s Science Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and so much more! The UK offers some of the best looking scenes in the world. From the busy metropolitan areas of London, Manchester and Glasgow to the quiet green plans of Scotland and Wales, the UK may be small but there’s more to see than you’ll have time for!

And don’t forget culture and sports!

The UK is home of the English Premier League, the world’s most popular national football (soccer) league. Home to some of the world’s best clubs, UK is a football giant. And you can find many other sports here as well- cricket and golf (which were invented in the UK), as well as tennis and horseback riding are just some of the popular activities. What do The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Oasis, Coldplay and the Spice Girls all have in common? They’re all incredible musical acts, and they’re all from the UK! The United Kingdom spawned the world’s best rock and pop musicians in the world, and for music lovers there is no better place to be! The UK also has a great cinema industry, an incredibly rich tradition of literature, and a lot more fascinating art centres bound to impress anyone!

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